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15. Jan. 2008

LyX and LaTeX thesis templates
he different office packages may answer purposes of everyday life, but LaTeX is the de facto standard for the communication and publication of scientific documents. A user-friendly extension of LaTeX is called LyX; it’s free, easy to install and provides a good introduction with excellent help documents. Tell me more…

This blog  provides ready-to-go thesis templates of different universities. It wants to give additional finger tips for those beeing currently in the process of writing a thesis/scientific work.

You have developed your own thesis template in LyX or LaTeX? You have additional information worth to write an article? You want to share your information with other companions in the same situation? Publish your own post and profit from finger tips of others! Get a login…

9. Dec. 2012

These templates were developed targeting the students from the MSc and PhD programs at DI-FCT-UNL 1.

The LaTeX template is highly configurable and fits the requirements of other students at FCT-UNL with no changes at all. It should be easy to tweak the configuration parameters and make it fit for other institutions as well.

The Word template is… well… is a Word document… with all associated the good and bad things. ;)

Please note that these are not official templates for FCT-UNL, although they are fully compliant to the FCT and UNL formatting regulations.

All contributors, both sporadic and regular, are welcome. :) Please contact “joao.lourenco@nospamplease.fct.unl.pt” (remove the “nospamplease.”) to join the team.

For more information and news, please check the wiki home page (http://code.google.com/p/thesisdifctunl/wiki/Home).

WARNING: For the template to work you need the “geometry” package at v5.0 (dated 2010/02/12) or later! Please check the version of your geometry package before reporting errors.

– 1 Departamento de Informática (CS Department) of Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia of Universidade Nova de Lisboa (http://www.di.fct.unl.pt).

31. Mar. 2011

The ClassicThesis bundle for LaTeX and LyX has two goals:

  1. Provide students with an easy-to-use template for their Master’s or PhD thesis. (Though it might also be used by other types of authors for reports, books, etc.)
  2. Provide a classic, high-quality typographic style that is inspired by Robert Bringhurst’s “The Elements of Typographic Style“.


The bundle is configured to run with a full MiKTeX or TeXLive installation right away and, therefore, it uses only freely available fonts. Minion fans can easily adjust the style to their needs.

People interested only in the nice style and not the whole bundle can use the style stand-alone via the file classicthesis.sty. This works also with “plain” LaTeX. As of version 3.0, classicthesis can also be easily used with LyX thanks to Nicholas Mariette and Ivo Pletikosić.



31. Oct. 2010

Dear visitors,

I have developed LyX thesis template, which was originally to suit
Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM). The template is available
in two versions; author-year and numerical.
Download and source:

I have documented the template here:

Best Regards

6. Dec. 2009

I’ve obtained a LaTeX .cls file that Math and Computer science PhD students used for their thesis. I’ve modified it a bit (style of page numbers in preamble) and wrote a very simple .layout LyX file associated with it. It seems to work fine for me, but you’ll likely have to use a bit of Evil Red Text (ERT).

University Canterbury Christchurch New Zealand

You can download all files (including a README installation file) from this .zip folder. More information are here on my website.

11. Nov. 2008

Since I’ve had my PhD thesis accepted I’ve had a couple of friends who are writing up their theses at CSE ask me for help. In particular, they’ve wanted to know how I used LyX to write and format my thesis. In case anyone else needs a hand, I’ve made the LyX layout files available below, along with some tips and tricks.


The Layout File

Much of the presentation of your document that is normally configured through LaTeX commands can be managed through LyX layout files. A layout defines the various styles and blocks (such as titles, headings, author details, code, etc.), how they will appear on screen in LyX and how they are to be translated to LaTeX.

To make the UNSW thesis layout file easier to use I embedded the LaTeX mark-up commands into the preamble of the LyX layout file. I realise the “correct” way to do this sort of thing is to write a LaTeX class file (e.g., unswthesis.cls) and create a corresponding layout file (e.g., unswthesis.layout) that references its commands. However, I thought it would be easier for LyX and LaTeX newcomers to only have to deal with a single file and not have to worry about fiddling with their LaTeX configuration too much.

Installing the Layout File

Download the following layout file and save it to the layout section LyX configuration directory. This is usually in Library/Application Support/LyX-1.5/layouts/ relative to your home directory.

Now open LyX and select LyX > Reconfigure from the menu. LyX will then ask you to restart. Once this is done the thesis layout should be installed and visible in the Document Class field of window opened via the Document > Settings... menu.

For this layout to work correctly, you will also need an image of the UNSW crest. I found a black and white PDF one that works nicely with this layout. You can download it here:

This file needs to be in the same folder as the LyX document using the thesis layout.

Using the Layout File

Once you have LyX restarted, open a new document and then go to Document > Settings... and then select “UNSW Thesis” from the document class list and hit OK.

This layout has all of the usual styles found in the Book class. Two of them, Author and Title, are used to control what is displayed on your thesis title page. In your new document, add a title using the Title style and put your name underneath in the Author style.

Save the document in the same directory as the unswcrest.pdf file and then turn it into a PDF document via the View > PDF (pdflatex) menu option.

You can download the thesis archive here:

More detailed information about the Layout file and the thesis archive can be found at my blog.

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For a change…

Von Rob
8. Jun. 2008

… in-between, and to relax and inspire your mind I like to listen to music: For me the album Softrock of the australian Berliner-by-choice Justine Electra was very popular! Away from common genres you can hear side by side a folk guitar, harmonica, synthesizer and a drum computer. Very nice!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Let it play – and then back to work! ;-)

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29. Mar. 2008

As from now german LyX and LaTeX templates can be found here.

8. Feb. 2008

A sample template of National University of Ireland (NUI) Maynooth is provided by Eamonn Linehan, more details can be found here. Thanks a lot!

Titlepage University of Dublin
Die Titelseite


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17. Jan. 2008

thesis templates worldwide

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